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I hope people have seen this. I dont even know its origin or anything or hell what to really tag it as but I saw it on facebook via a cosplayer page. Its definitely worth the watch

What the ungodly fuck








Oh, so I guess “It’s the White House for a reason” is a thing now.  Alex Zeagler’s is my favorite: “on the off chance this is racist, don’t worry ‘coz it’s not offensive.”

That reason is because, you know, it’s a house that is white.

God I hate people…but especially these people.

Because it’s totally not racist if you say it’s not racist…. bastards!

Casual racism is racism.

Racism rooted in ignorance is racism.

Ignoring that racism exists is racism.

Racism is racism.

Hey. Um.


It was actually officially called “Executive Mansion” for a long time. That’s what the designers and people who lived in it called it, anyway. Theodore Roosevelt was the one to officially change the name to “White House.”

Theodore Roosevelt, who was the first person to invite an African American over for dinner at the White House. Theodore Roosevelt who, on African Americans, said

Of one thing I am sure, and that is that inasmuch as he is here and can neither be killed nor driven away, the only wise and honorable and Christian thing to do is to treat each black man and each white man strictly on his merits as a man, giving him no more and no less than he shows himself worthy to have.


I think one of my best friends from high school would also be one of the first people I would willingly push off a cliff. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. It probably comes off harsher than I mean for it to be. Like, I wouldn’t want him killed or seriously injured, but… XD;

He is just about one of the bitchest people I know though. And he gets all sorts of pissy if you try to point out anything he is doing wrong. He also can’t seem to understand that posting public things leaves them open to public criticism… >_>;

He also told me once he got high off of god. (He doesn’t do drugs, so it’s not referencing to that. He was in the woods and he saw Jesus on a tree or something, I don’t know. But there were no drugs involved in this comment, just saying.) I worry about that kid…

It would be really cool if I stopped coughing.

Yeah. Can that be a thing, body? That should be a thing.

I don’t know what you’re trying to tell me, because there is only coughing.

No sneezing. No runny nose. No fever. No headache. No anything else.

Just coughing for the past couple of days.

Am I getting sick or… ???


Oh my gosh I got a 98% on my first Bio exam

I am so happy all my my fears I had them but I only missed one question yesssss -wilts over in to puddle of post-stress happiness- That class has no other grades except exams it seems so asdfjkl; this helps ;3;

….-re-stressed alert- But now what did I get on Chem omgasdfjkl; there were so many possibilities of getting things wrong on that one ack D: