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I’m going to scream at tumblr why does it sometimes have to make it 500% harder than it needs to be to make a post and just randomly lets everything stop working so I have to restart the post to get anything done gfdi now I’m mildly pissed at everything asdfjkl;

I don’t understand and it bothers me.

I don’t understand that set of questions that floats around and talks about “wow failed the exam with a 0% but none of the questions are answered wrong”, the one with the questions on it like “what would you never eat for breakfast?” and “how do you pick up an elephant with one hand?”. Not that I don’t understand the questions themselves and their answers, but how people think it’s a legit test. I don’t understand how someone could genuinely believe that.

1. What kind of teacher would give this test. Where in the fuck would a test like this be given out? In I-don’t-give-a-fuck-random-shit class? Because a teacher would otherwise only give a test like this for shits and giggles and they wouldn’t be that super serious about it, or at least I couldn’t imagine any serious teacher giving out a test like that and saying “yes, this is for real, better get those right or you fail”. And if a teacher did give this kind of tests, those exact answers are the answers so why would they get an F.

2. What would be the fucking right answers otherwise? How do you pick up an elephant with one hand? Well you can’t, unless your superman, because elephants weight a shitton, so just give up, go home, and get on tumblr because who wakes up and goes “hey you know what people should do? Pick up elephants with one hand. Yeah. Lets ask people how they would do that.”

Rather obviously these were made for those answers. And unless I meet someone that legit took that as a test, unless it was a joke test then that doesn’t count, then I will just want to punch posts like that in the face because that bothers me, and then people that believe it bother me.

It’s clever. Yes. Brilliant questions/riddles and answers, very funny. Except I hate how they go “Oohhhhh student tricks teacher” when fuck I’d fail the test because what else would you say on most of them unless you think up clever ways to do them, like build a robotic super-strength arm to pick up the elephant. Those are the answers. And then you made it up, so that wouldn’t be the “right answer” either. I know it’s a fake, which is why it bothers me so much just because I see so many people comment like it’s for real. “Wow brilliant, way to go student” and just no stop it.

I hate things in the morning.

I’m sorry. I’m a party pooper.

But I had two hours of sleep. Don’t care.


" Omg this tornado is like something from the Wizard of Oz!"

Omg this fork is like something that’s going to go in your eye D:<


For anyone confused, I can’t explain it, but I’ve had a WoO reference curse passed on to me and I can’t get rid of it. Help. Everything is WoO related every day out of no where what is this I can’t even -dies-

Too Late to Rant

But I’m going to try it anyways- Please note this might be totally confusing and stupid and I’m sorry if it is. My brain is barely awake… Egh. I’m tying things up anyways.

I think I don’t like to be perfectly content for any extended period of time…

I can become happy. Overjoyed. Simply full of glee and I’m just so happy that some people exist and I love everything and I think nothing can get me down.

Then I do something to disrupt these happy thoughts:

I get on tumblr. Or youtube. Or facebook. Or deviantart. Or overall, just something of that sort. And I always happen to be lucky enough to find something upsetting- something about a person(s) making fun of another group/individual, or dissing completely on someone for no reason, or calling out one person based on what others of similar beliefs to theirs do, or people just being horrible or completely insensitive and rude, or people pretending to have some disease or illness and making a joke out of it, or people just… Just, you know? Right? Yeah. BAH. And I just… I just read it, and I get pissed off and feel the need to read more and find out if this is someone being for real and wonder how someone can actually think like that, think it’s okay to do that stuff or be that horrible to some other people, and it gets worse and then I spiral into a deep seeded hatred for humanity and I forget about all of the amazingly nice people there are for a while as I am introduced to some of the lurking but ever present scum of humanity and I just can’t even comprehend why people would say some of the things they do, why we judge each other so much, why we can’t just love each other and accept our differences and be OKAY with it and love ourselves for who we are and love others for who they are and… I… I don’t know. I don’t understand it. I’m sure there are plenty of things about me, that I say or do or whatever that come across wrong, or my opinion is just dumb or comes across to harsh towards some other group as I hope I don’t tend to do that (though perhaps “trolls” and people like this are even considered a group and I am being similar to them by ranting about this and dissing on them, and I guess I’m sorry about that, but at the same time I’m not because I feel they actually deserve it… I’m sure that makes me a hypocrite, but I don’t care.), that people don’t understand, and I say touche, but still… I can’t even. :/

It goes away. I regain some…. Well, I shouldn’t say faith in humanity, but I always get reminders that there are GOOD people out there that are simply amazing and it makes me feel better until I run into more things like what I stated above and the cycle repeats. Huzzah~

What is sleep?

"Vijeos. Dey r too much 4 mi bro lul I can’t"

Firefox has had some sort of internal shutdown strike against the viewing of video’s upon it.

It worked 10 minutes ago.

I swear it did.

Then it suddenly decided to freeze hardcore every time my mouse even dares to go near a play button. It doesn’t even fade slightly and say “oh hey I’m not responding”. No. It doesn’t even respond that much. It just sits there. Doing nothing. And being useless. It can’t even figure out that it’s frozen, that’s how frozen it is.

Screw you, you floating space fox orbiting a blue globe. You don’t even make any sense. Yeah, that’s how I feel about you right now, you poop. D:<

'Fifty Shades of Gray' movie rights acquired by Universal and Focus Features



The article even acknowledges the fact that it started out as a Twilight fanfiction

there is literally no shame in the world anymore :’)

didn’t know they released pornos on the big screen, interesting

If there’s anything worse than Twilight, it must be a smutty fan-fiction based on Twilight and then tweaked slightly so it’s not quite based specifically around Twilight, and then turned into a movie that is probably going to be mostly a porno.

Logic: Movies are not as good as the books. Fan-fictions are generally not as good as the books, but maybe about as equal to the quality (on a scale of goodness in reference to the book) of the movie made (and we are notably assuming here that this is talking about NORMAL movie/book relationships where the movie is still considered good), unless it was based more off the movie then it tends to be a little to a lot worse than the movie. Twilight was a horrible book. It’s movie was a garbage can. So a fan-fiction of it is either garbage-can material or worse. And then you turn around and make that into a movie. I can’t even fathom a proper term for the horribleness that I can’t help but imagine this would turn out to be.

Mother of gravy, the world is ending.

"Real Talk"

Hokay now.

So decided that if people don’t stop saying/typing “real talk” all over, I’m going to have to “really punch them” in the face. Or you know, just glare at them from across the way. Because… Why? I don’t… Stop it. It’s annoying. ;_;

Granted, sure, I know I must do annoying things that people would love to stab me for, but… Shush.

"Real talk" is another phrase that got picked up somewhere and is overused. I’m biased because I don’t like it. I know. But arrrrr >_<

" Going to the movies, yeaahhh, real talk."
" Hey. Calm down. You’re not ballin’ that hardcore bro. Real talk."
" So why teachers going give us homework on weekends? Screw that. Real talk."
" You ain’t got nothin on me bro. Real talk."
" O yea I no that swagg bro ah yeah man fo sho. Real talk."
" I r hooman tlk on puters cause internets. real talk."
" asdjfoashguiaorghkdrgo. Real talk."

dat datz ol skool shit…If born after 90s u don knoe noting bout dis. real Talk.
^Literally from the top of my Facebook feed as of like a minute ago^

How about if your using a computer you learn to type and stop saying real talk.
That sounds nice. o_o

Teacher: Gives you things to research for two different things, then tells you to compare and contrast them.

Problem: NONE of the things you looked up for each one match. So it's like comparing and contrasting an ant's ability to crawl to a lions ability to roar.

Me: What.

Me: D:<?! HOW DO.