I don't even know what I'm doing. I'm so sorry. The only thing I can assure you of is the fact that I am aware that the elements I used for my blog title don't actually spell what one might think at first glance. Beware of opinion/rant barfs. D:

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kinnbley replied to your post “This my new computer deemed unnecessary: A CD drive A place to plug…”

I could never have a laptod without being able to put my cds in it u.u

B’aw yeah. D: Luckily I don’t really transfer music onto my computer and I don’t have anything else that requires a CD (or at least not that I can’t get offline I don’t think) so it’s not much of a problem for now, but it’s weird o3o;

kinnbley replied to your post “Let me tell you a secret I’m 4 followers away from 200 That’s like…”

wooh that’s great ;v; that you have that many followers I mean

There were also no killer shopping carts that came for me in the night so :’3 haha

loveleahlady replied to your post: Someone must have stolen his fruit sna…

I’d make that face if someone took MY fruit snacks.

It is a very understandable reaction. Ehehe X3

flockofsiegels replied to your post “flockofsiegels replied to your post “flockofsiegels replied to your…”

Yes, and also school, and seminar, and job hunting/worrying about job hunting. sigh

-loud noises of distress- x_x

Much luckies with seminar and needing-to-job stuff btw. D:!
-hides in at-least-not-a-senior-yet corner for as long as possible-

flockofsiegels replied to your post “flockofsiegels replied to your post “How am I supposed to get a…”

Yes make them, but how? My group doesn’t have any chloroform and I’m not sure if the other two do…

Aw hah. Well, we use a lot of chloroform, so maybe that’s all we need… >:3?

Otherwise I guess there’s the “running a blog that’s nifty enough for people to follow and not flee from” but effort

flockofsiegels replied to your post “How am I supposed to get a million followers and take over the world…”

*pats* Same thing has been happening to me. People have been unfollowing me these past couple of days. :(

D: ohnoeeesss….

If they wont follow us… We must make them follow us o3o
How much choloroform do you have in your lab >3> (ahaha X3;)

flockofsiegels replied to your post “My mom left and someone is supposed to be coming over to have a look…”

You and I are the same. Stay strong.

I do not have to stay strong if I stay hidden >3> -hides in room forever- Ahah X3;

ekiaku replied to your post: dragon-shades asked:I assumed you…

I can’t believe you have one of those lying around and a UNICORN one to boot.

Have u even been 2 my blog

Ahah but yisss. ^_^ And unicorn mask is at least like 5 more betters than regular horse mask yes good >:3