I don't even know what I'm doing. I'm so sorry. The only thing I can assure you of is the fact that I am aware that the elements I used for my blog title don't actually spell what one might think at first glance. Beware of opinion/rant barfs. D:

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Has anyone really questioned pink lemonade

lemons are yellow I mean comon 

look how suspicious that looks

Pink Lemonade is just regular lemonade that has previously vanquished all of those who dared to question it and the only reason it is pink is because eradicating those who stand in your path to greatness often involves bloodshed. It is pink and not orange (because yellow and red together generally do make orange) because it doesn’t want you to taste the obviously metallic taste of its victims blood, so it has subtly washed this flavor out with water, dulling the coloring just enough to allow it to take on more of a pinkish hue. The yellow seems to wash out more than the red when it goes through this process, allowing for this clearly pink coloration… We speculate it is because the lemonade wants us to know what it has done. It is daring someone else to oppose it.