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1,004th Post!

At some point I breached the 1,000 posts line. o3o

asdfjkl; huzzah!

Also… Tumblr is a little fail at telling me who reblogs things of mine. Because I saw my “hey I just met you post” reblogged by one of the awesome people I follow, but that reblog wasn’t listed under the notes- it did say two different people had reblogged it though. But when I check by clicking on my blog up at the top, it only tells me that one of them had reblogged it.

Tumblr, what are you doing. It’s apparently not fixing important things. ._.

I could become tumblr famous one day and get thousands of reblogs and I would never know. o3o

Lol but good thing my “tumblr famous” chances are basically zero so I don’t need to worry. Yay! :’D