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Well, at least my mom thinks I&#8217;m a comedic genius.
I didn&#8217;t have the heart to tell her she used the incorrect form of &#8220;your&#8221; in the last one

Well, at least my mom thinks I’m a comedic genius.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her she used the incorrect form of “your” in the last one

So a while back I heard my mom yell “Because 30 plus 10 is 50!” rather loudly from outside my door to someone and then everything went quiet and I never heard anything else and I was so confused because I have no idea what in the world would bring on a sentence like that or if she even knew what she was talking about and it bothers me on a daily basis now because I don’t understand so I thought maybe I’d share I feel like that statement made my whole little world unstable though I can’t even asdfjkl; o_o;

Because Olan Rogers is probably one of my favorite people ever. ALWAYS hilarious and awesome. XD Bahaha

I wish he could make more videos like this more often. D: But tis best not to rush a good thing~






literally my favourite video on the internet


I laugh everytime

wigdfgsnfdkg bringing this back again even though its only been ten minutes

I lost it.

Lost. It.


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