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We should all take a small moment out of every day to appreciate the moments when we are not throwing up into public restroom toilets.

Can’t tell if actually stating totally original and 100% correct opinions of all of what the two different, opposing authors of this book were driving at or roughly getting their skeletons right but mixing them with my own personal interpretation of what they said in order to more clearly differentiate them from one another and provide wordbarf for this paper. ._.


" Omg this tornado is like something from the Wizard of Oz!"

Omg this fork is like something that’s going to go in your eye D:<


For anyone confused, I can’t explain it, but I’ve had a WoO reference curse passed on to me and I can’t get rid of it. Help. Everything is WoO related every day out of no where what is this I can’t even -dies-

Because I&#8217;m very, very fond of Bearded Vultures.And then the snow leopard-ish front and dappled horse butt showed up and BAM it&#8217;s a griffon/chimera sort of party&#8230;
Woo~! ^_^
Character and Arts (c) MeHe needs a name&#8230; D:

Because I’m very, very fond of Bearded Vultures.

And then the snow leopard-ish front and dappled horse butt showed up and BAM it’s a griffon/chimera sort of party…

Woo~! ^_^

Character and Arts (c) Me
He needs a name… D:

CAKE- The Aftermath

Apparently, I make some damn good cake.

Because this morning, before I left for a friend’s Grad party, there was about 90% of my cake left. It was a double layered cake, probably just a little less than a foot in diameter. It was almost basically a whole cake, minus a piece I ate yesterday. So I had a piece for breakfast, because screw cereal.

I got home today and was like “cake sounds good”.

So there it is, under a large metal bowl on the kitchen table.

Magical yummy cake-ness lying in wait.

So I approach it.

And open it.

Expecting my nearly whole, glorious cake.

And instead I opened it up to basically one semi-larg, or two small-medium if cut in half, piece of cake left. 90% of my was-almost-whole-this-morning-cake was now MIA.

There was some left for me, I took half of the left over piece, I am not complaining and I’m glad it was liked, but it shocked me. I was startled. Because the image in my head was so different than the reality before me I could only go “HOLEY CRAP!” loud enough to reach all corners of my house. Even the flies in the kitchen stopped like “whoa bro, what just happened. o_o”

My dad ate almost all of my cake, guys. And he doesn’t even like sweats.

I don’t know if I should be like “YAY. I AM THE MASTER CHIEF. -double fist pump-” or if I should start stashing away any deserts I make in the future and ration them out so SOMEONE doesn’t eat nearly an entire cake by himself in one day.

Holey crap.

Also, because it is necessary, and I have been slaking on it…