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The nicest thing, I think, would be to be in your embrace.

A hug that lasts forever would be no inconvenience to me.

It’s only like 5.

Wat. It feels like it should be 8.

I woke up too early today oh my gosh what am I going to do with all these extra hours.

I’m actually considering going outside and taking a walk.

What does this mean.

I think a Plague is striking my room

Little flying ant bugs.
I am going to wake up tomorrow in a swarm of little flying ant bugs.

It started with one. I killed it.

Then another came by, so i killed him too.

The third one came. I decided this wasn’t a coincidence. But still I killed him.

No mercy for little flying ant bugs.

Fourth one. Okay, this needs to stop. Killed it.

Turned around to see another one sitting on my laptop. Mocking me. He knew that I was trying to vanquish my foes, and he knew it was inevitable. There are too many. He knows. He knows there are still more where he can from. But where. I haven’t been able to kill him yet. They are attracted to my lamp. My lamp it right next to everything here. This doesn’t bode well….

Realization of horror: I think they are sneaking out from behind my window blinds. Another one appeared, but I saw him crawl out of his hiding place. The blinds right in front of me. Before my desk. Where I practically live on my laptop. Right next to my bed.

Oh gods.

I don’t want to pull them back and have a swarm tackle me.

There’s two flying around now.

I peaked behind my blinds and saw some of them. Crawling. Creeping. Being little flying ant bugs. No. They’re there. Waiting. And they know. They know I can’t do anything about their existence right now, and they know I do not have it in my power to kill them all off by hand.

Three flying around now.

More crawling.

I can see the bottom shelf of my window by looking under my desk.

They’re there.

Make it stop D:

I’m going to be on an episode of infested. Oh gods -hides away forever-

They’re going to swarm me and slowly eat away my flesh as I sleep tonight. I will greet death with the weight of a thousand little flying ant bug wings upon me, replacing the weight of my skin. Do not want. ._.

What is this I can’t even

This must be a troll blog. It just… Can’t be legit, lol, even though I KNOW there are people out there like that… But yeah, I’m thinking troll blog. Which in that respect, I can look at it in a funny way. If it’s not a troll blog, it makes me sad. :( BUT troll blog. Yes. This, I am tacking on as a fact. I can now not melt into a puddle and cry over society. Psh lol

But I’m going to rant about it anyways because I’m bored. And just for that slim chance that it’s legit, but no, must be troll blog. Aside from the obvious if you just read over the sidebar and the talk about weed and sex and just over-ridiculous-ness that makes it just too much to be for reals, some of the asks and her replies, I just… What? I can’t. Lol bah o_o;;;

Ask: lmao if your age is on the clock, its to young for the cock

Her reply: 12 isnt on the clock dumbass

What… I… 12 is on the clock. It’s always been on the clock. 12 AM and 12 PM. It’s at the top of the clock. If you honesty think 12 isn’t on the clock…. Do you even know what a clock is? o_o; THIS is why I hope know it must be a troll blog ahaha. -eye twitch none the less-

Ask: im so sorry for the hate you’re getting :/

Her reply: your*

its okay atleast i have great people like you supported me :)

If it was to be legit, yeah, definably 12 if you don’t know proper grammar. She incorrectly corrected it. I don’t even… You’re was the correct term there. There is not form of possession, you are should go there, therefore you’re. What. I… Troll blog. Obviously troll blog. I have to remind myself this so I can remember and then laugh and get many chuckles from her blog instead of a headache. :’3

Ask: If your mom follows you, why would you post things about receiving nude pictures or smoking weed?

Her reply: its okay she doesnt have to no ;)

She would obviously know if she followed you because if she follows you, she would see it. What. Silly troll blog is trolling. Pft

THIS IS WHY TROLL BLOG. I take it in my mind to be a troll blog and you can’t convince me otherwise, I refuse, I see no way that it couldn’t be a troll blog. So, because troll blog, I think I might follow just to lol because it is a troll. Knowing it is a troll blog makes it quite funny, actually… That is what I am going to do. Or I’m just going to facepalm myself to death because even if it’s a troll I can’t handle this, I don’t know. Maybe… No, no follow, but I will check in on it at random. Hmmm yes, I don’t think I want it on my dash, lol.

Ask: Are you a vergin?

Her reply: *Vurgin.

No one in there right mind would spell it that way. Yay troll blog! But still bah. Lolwhut (and because I can’t help it, *Virgin, there o_o)

I don’t even know why I’m talking about this if I decided it was a troll blog from the start, I still let it bother me. I think mostly because I know people that legitimately think these things and I’ve seem people make legit fails similar to these. These are the people that I want to smack and as what the hell is wrong with them.

Clever troll is clever. :P

And I said “troll blog” too many times.
It doesn’t even sound like a word anymore.

And I probably make no sense because it’s 3:05 and I need sleep…. x_x