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CAKE- The Aftermath

Apparently, I make some damn good cake.

Because this morning, before I left for a friend’s Grad party, there was about 90% of my cake left. It was a double layered cake, probably just a little less than a foot in diameter. It was almost basically a whole cake, minus a piece I ate yesterday. So I had a piece for breakfast, because screw cereal.

I got home today and was like “cake sounds good”.

So there it is, under a large metal bowl on the kitchen table.

Magical yummy cake-ness lying in wait.

So I approach it.

And open it.

Expecting my nearly whole, glorious cake.

And instead I opened it up to basically one semi-larg, or two small-medium if cut in half, piece of cake left. 90% of my was-almost-whole-this-morning-cake was now MIA.

There was some left for me, I took half of the left over piece, I am not complaining and I’m glad it was liked, but it shocked me. I was startled. Because the image in my head was so different than the reality before me I could only go “HOLEY CRAP!” loud enough to reach all corners of my house. Even the flies in the kitchen stopped like “whoa bro, what just happened. o_o”

My dad ate almost all of my cake, guys. And he doesn’t even like sweats.

I don’t know if I should be like “YAY. I AM THE MASTER CHIEF. -double fist pump-” or if I should start stashing away any deserts I make in the future and ration them out so SOMEONE doesn’t eat nearly an entire cake by himself in one day.

Holey crap.

Also, because it is necessary, and I have been slaking on it…