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do you ever look around at the big crowds of people around you and realize everyone has a story and memories and family and troubles and achievements and a first kiss and a broken heart but you’ll never know any of it and every human life is really intricate and expansive but oh they’ve walked into a shop and you’ll never see them again and you’ll never know just what they were thinking 

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Utter Perfection

Utter. Cow. Moo. Sound. Music. Just dance. Score. Perfection.

I found the link between the words do I win o3o

I clicked read more like 5 fucking times instead of the block quote trying to format this omfg

ticklemeturquoise said:

You can go to bed after I reblog this :3 

:’D Aw, yay~


I was going to 2:30 AM doodle for both of you but I only had one doodle left in me apparently and the other one was… It had some pretty serious issues so here you go I made this for you guys in thanks whoa

I had a really weird feeling hit me just now…

At the start of my Voyages of Discovery class, we had to write a first day paper. It focused on comparing the prophet way of thinking to the scientific way of thinking based off of a single quite just a couple lines long. The regular “hey, first homework assignment, I want to see how you guys think.” It was also a paper in which we discussed what we thought a “Voyage of Discovery” meant and what that might encompass as well as detailing a little bit of what we might hope to get from this class or learn over the semester.

Now, for our final assignment, and to present as our final exam, we are writing a last day paper. Essentially the same paper, if we want it to be (or it could be completely redone if we would have liked), but this time with examples from class put in and what all we learned in our first semester of college, what all we learned from the discoveries we talked about in class. I didn’t change much, I just mostly just omitted a few things that I didn’t need in it anymore and added in a nice little handful of examples and all. Notably it’s really nice to look back on everything now, because I did learn a lot, especially from this class. At the very least I feel like I took away a lot from it, and from the college experience in general too.

But then such a strange feeling…

There are a lot of things that never hit me, or haven’t hit me yet, as I transition from one step of my life to the next. I wasn’t part of the sobbing middle school crowd when we all walked down the hallways that final time, waving goodbye to whoever of the lower grades wanted a wave as they lined up along the lockers and watched us leave. Leaving high school wasn’t a big deal for me- hell, it was a change, it was a big step, but I never had it hit me? I never had that empty moment of “Whoa, I’m done with high school. I’m done with the life I’ve previously known. I’m an adult now, thrown out into the real world and stuff.” come up and bite me. I think it’s because nothing really changed sharply enough for me. It’s been school leading on to more school leading on to, big surprise, even more school. It’s been like walking down steps, and every now and then one’s been a little steeper than what I was used to, but nothing that reaching your foot down just a little bit further wouldn’t fix. No big deal.

I sort of assume, since leaving high school didn’t hit me at the time, that it’s just going to hit later. I’m going to be fifty, in the cereal isle, debating over Bran Flakes or Cheerios, and then I’m just going to suddenly collapse and start sobbing, and when someone comes up to ask what in the world is wrong with me I’m just going to blubber out some incoherent “I’M SERIOUSLY DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL OMFG” sort of deal, hah. But honestly, I don’t think that’s going to come back around. Who knows though, I’ve got that whole mid-life crisis brick wall to look forward to hitting at some point….

But anyways, back to whatever point I was aiming to get at here… I’ve finished up my final day paper as much as I care to work on it, and after getting it all nice and presentable, I just got an odd feeling all over. In the brain, in the chest, in the heart even? It’s not a thundering feeling, but it’s something, and I don’t entirely know how to describe it or to say what it is exactly. It’s not even like this is a big deal, it’s just an assignment and it’s only been one semester and I’m not feeling completely astounded now by the college experience. But… Still. I guess it’s just something about seeing your first day and then your last day of some new experience sort of just written out and sitting before you. It’s just… Weird… Hm…

Sometimes I get serious and it’s really odd and I don’t know what to do with it…


Or not because I don’t know how to makeup well D: Asdfjkl; >_>;;;

Lolumwhat. First attempt at making a wound or really doing anything with any sort of makeup ever. Even though it’s Halloween makeup. But you know still same deal whatevers. :’D? (Not saying it’s good, but I tried. It’s just cheep kids makeup stuff though I want more things now o3o I don’t have anything for blending though and it’s hard to get darker shades of red to look decent because mixing ah x_x) …It was good enough to scare the hell out of my parents for a few seconds. Ehehehe…

This is why I’m going to fail my tests this week aw… >_>;;;

I like those times when tumblr/the people I know on tumblr make me just feel relatively pleased and happy with things and then make me chuckle like some deranged lunatic in such a way that I actually embarrass myself at how much I’m laughing like an idiot over absolutely nothing, so I have to forcibly make myself get up and leave my room except then I get lost and confused in world outside my bedroom door so I only take one or two steps before I just circle back around to my room and continue chuckling some more

I moved my small brick wall of text from under the picture to this because it was all in the way and junk, I’ll even sweep it under a read more for you guys so it’s easier to skip over c:

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Well, at least my mom thinks I&#8217;m a comedic genius.
I didn&#8217;t have the heart to tell her she used the incorrect form of &#8220;your&#8221; in the last one

Well, at least my mom thinks I’m a comedic genius.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her she used the incorrect form of “your” in the last one