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This is how concentration happens. A deep breath. Quite, faint music. Comfort. To be left alone with the words. At peace, rest, relaxation. Hesitation has no room here. Flow. Let the words pour from you. Jumbled, mismatched, incoherent, incorrect- everything will be okay. Take a moment, and go. Punctuation, grammar, sentence structure- back of the mind. They are the least amount of worries. There is no place for perfection, for it’s perfect just to go on like this. Worry halts you at the first sentence. Take a breath. Let go. Flow. Short sentences, long, unstoppable. Anything, as long as you just go. That’s hard, I know. Stopping to gather thoughts, to doubt, is natural. Worry later. Be in the now. Destination points don’t matter. End where you end, let the words take you as they may. Even if it’s not where you wanted to go, go. Flow. Make metaphors, similes, or none at all. Anything and everything. Let the first words that your fingers poise to type wander out into the open. They can be taken away, reshaped, combined, structured later. Give them their moment. Don’t look back. There will be a time for that, and a place for all things, but now is the time to just let the words… Flow. 

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But professionalism or whatever says you can’t because of reasons 

But man, me and you post maker, we could gossip because I feel ya